London Princess


The London Princess

I’ve always loved London.From a very young age the bright lights and hive of activity,drew me to wanting to be hear more and more.

From 1999,I became a regular on the London party circuit.My bold fashion sense and confidence helped me gain access to some of the best parties around town.Quickly I was mingling within the London Celebrity circuit,and wow I saw some things which never made it into the papers.

As much as I like to party,I also love to shop and dine out in London’s many restaurants.London Food culture-From what the latest pop up restaurants are too the secret bars popping up,London Fashion trends.I promise to share it with you.

Four things which have very much been a huge influence in my life are London,Business Family and Spain,where as a family we have always gone on holiday to,since I was a baby.My family has also been a huge part of my life.From guiding me through tough times,and always being there,and continuing to believe in me,has helped me keep my feet on the ground.

Business has always been an important part of our family life.My family have had 4 of their own businesses over the years,from manufacturing to service providers.I myself have had 2 businesses.

My world is always crazy busy,and exciting,that my friends are always telling me to write a book.I look forward to sharing my London life with you all

The London Princess